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All The King’s Horses

Watch our intrepid deconstruction workers break and… attempt… to put things back together.

Watch All the King’s Horses to see if they can put things back together again!

Always Alliterate

Always Alliterate! Always. The alliteration wordplay game.

Watch Always Alliterate for alliteration magic.


Auto-correct just never seems to work does it? Will our couple ever be on the same page?

Watch more auto-correct fails on Auto-Incorrect.

Box 71 Is Unlabeled

Haters can be so cruel can’t they :'( Alex reads and reacts to all our faux hatemail.

Watch to see what sort of mean messages we receive!


Canyoufastyougo – also known as – the art of reading aloud quickly!

Watch on and canyoufastyougo?


Detective Tiff is an eccentric, genius detective solving mysteries from the slightest clue – even Constable Constance doesn’t know just how he does it.

Watch Detec-Tiff to see what he’ll solve next!


Join Gregory and field reporter Sarah on FAKX News to get your dose of fake news. What will they invent next?

Watch FAKX News to find out!

The Great Pineapple Spirit Divinations

The Great Pineapple Spirit Divinations are conducted by two bizarre occultists summoning the Great Pineapple Spirit to learn from his juicy wisdom.

What do they hope to learn? Where is the Great Pineapple Spirit from? Will the Great Pineapple Spirit be able to answer their questions? Who is Barbara and will the Great Pineapple Spirit ever find her?

Watch The Great Pineapple Spirit Divinations to find out!

Haterade The Assessor

Haterade hates, well everything. And his job as a product assessor doesn’t make him like things anymore! What will Haterade fail next?!

Watch Haterade the Assessor to see his angry assessments.


The animals have taken over the humans and are communicating using their bodies! What craziness is this?

Watch Humanimals to see all their crazy animal adventures.


The Church of Linguistology seeks to bring the worship of the root of words to everyone they can.

Watch Linguistology to learn more!

Miko’s Meatko

Poor Miko at Miko’s Meatko has to deal with all sorts of customer complaints. It’s hard running a business these days!

Watch Miko’s Meatko to see what sort of customer complaints she receives.

Miss Communication

Miss Communication reads aloud from her column where readers send in stories of miscommunications they’ve overheard.

Watch Miss Communication to see all the miscommunications.

Narrator Can Be Overheard, Heard, Heard

Disembodied voices from the sky? Talking about strange and scary things that don’t appear to be happening? What happens when life is narrated and the narrator gets it wrong?

Watch Narrator Can be Overheard, Heard, Heard to see what strangeness occurs.

Ninja Crab

Ninja Crab wants to be stealthy, oh so stealthy, even thinking they got away with it! But really, Ninja Crab is not very stealthy. Shu Shu!

Watch Ninja Crab to see if they will succeed in their mission of stealth.

POTUS Shopper Andi

POTUS Shopper Andi is the shy, awkward personal shopper for the President. What will she send him out to buy? And why does she give him such odd requests?

Watch POTUS Shopper Andi to see what he’ll shop for next!

Psychadelic Psangs

Psychadelic Psangs are the top new club hits!

Watch Psychadelic Psangs and dance along.

Silent Songs

Silent Songs is a lip-sync dance-sync guessing game.

Watch Silent Songs to see if you can guess the song!

Sounds Like…

Sounds like… what does it sound like? See if you can match the sound on Sounds Like…

The Spectacular Puntacular

The Spectacular Puntacular is very rarely funny.

Watch the Spectacular Puntacular for spectacularly bad puns.

Teeny Tiny Paintings

Come paint teeny, tiny paintings!

So cute, so teeny, so tiny.

Watch Teeny Tiny Paintings and paint along!

Trip Nation

Take a trip with Trip Nation and let your mind follow strange and meandering lines of thought. What trains of thought can connect two (or more) seemingly unconnected things!

Watch Trip Nation and explore it’s tripyness.

Weird Azz Storytime

What weird stories will appear on Weird Azz Storytime?

Watch Weird Azz Storytime to find out!

Wiggle Coin Financial News

Wiggle Coin – the new faux cryptocurrency! Follow as Patrick reports the ups and downs of Wiggle Coin on Wiggle Coin Financial News.

Watch Wiggle Coin Financial News to see how it’s faring!